Criteria for selecting NHIRC projects

Note: all companies must be NH based.


  • Does the project require an academic relationship?
  • Will the research take place in a NH college or university?
  • Will the company contribute a cash match?
  • Can the company pay the 5% administrative fee?

Will this project:

  • Create jobs?
  • Increase profitability for the business?
  • Create a patentable or licensable technology?
  • Allow the company to test a theory before investing substantially.

Does this project:

  • Enable the business to get additional funding from venture capitalists?
  • Enable the business to attain Federal funding such as:
    • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards.
    • Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI) awards.
  • Leverage other Federal funding in NH educational institutions? (ex: EPSCoR)

Does this project:

  • Use specialized equipment at a university that the company would not purchase?
  • Give students field experience?
  • Lead to hiring students permanently upon graduation?