A company is limited to one proposal describing one project per RFP cycle. 

Eligible Companies

New Hampshire companies


$20,000 - $125,000 per grant

Total Awards Expected

2-5 grants

University Role

The academic partner will serve as the principal investigator (PI). Preference will be given to collaborative projects with NH universities and colleges. Project funds are distributed to the principal investigators.

Administrative Fee

The academic institution will charge the company a 5% fee of the total project cost, less any federal funding allocated to the project, to help cover its overhead expense in undertaking the project.  This fee is payable in full to the institution at the time the Cooperative Agreement is signed, and may not be included in company match.

Company Commitment

There is a 1:1 match requirement.  For each dollar the NHIRC awards, the company must match one dollar in company cash or in-kind.

Cash and In-kind Contribution Schedule

Cash match is paid monthly to the academic institution when associated NHIRC contribution is rquested.

Reporting Requirements

In-kind reports must be submitted monthly by the company to the Grant and Contracts Office at the academic institution, or as otherwise stated in the cooperative agreement.

Progress Reports must be submitted every six months by the company to the NHIRC office. 

Note:  Failure to provide either of these reports could terminate the project.

Final reports are required within 30 days after the project ends.  The PI and company jointly submit this report, outlining research, educational activities, and accomplishments. Companies are also asked to complete an on-line survey which aggregates data that measures the NHIRC impact to the state of NH.

Contract Terms

Cooperative Agreements must be signed within 30 days of the notification of award, otherwise, the award will be terminated.  Click on the academic institution to review the template, administered by the Grant and Contracts office: UNH Cooperative Agreement, Dartmouth Cooperative Agreement

Intellectual property

Intellectual property and all other contract terms are specified in the Cooperative Agreement.


The institution will retain title to any equipment purchased by the academic institution with NHIRC and company funds.  The company will retain title to equipment purchased solely by company. 


A press release will be issued after the awards.  It will include the company name, company logo, name of the PI, and the academic institution.  A brief description of the project and the amount of the award may be included.


Marc Eichenberger
Program Manager
Madbury Commons
21 Madbury Rd., Suite 101
Durham, NH 03824

Dianne Hall
Grant/Contract Administrator
Office of Sponsored Research
University of New Hampshire
51 College Road
Durham, NH 03824

Office of Sponsored Projects
Dartmouth College
11 Rope Ferry Road #6210
Hanover, NH 03755