The NHIRC is administered by UNHInnovation at the University of New Hampshire with a satellite office at Dartmouth’s Technology Transfer Office. Decisions on grant awards are made by a 12-member Oversight Committee whose membership is defined by legislation, and represents industry, government and academia. The NHIRC Oversight Committee makes final decisions on awarding funds.  The NHIRC Oversight Committee may fully fund or partially fund the project.

Funding for each project is awarded to the partnering academic institution.  Upon award approval, the academic institution will enter into a Cooperative Agreement with the company for the project.  Agreement must be executed between the company and the academic institution within 30 days of the award.  Failure to do so could result in the cancellation or reallocation of NHIRC funds to other projects.

The NHIRC is funded by the State of New Hampshire.  Grant funding is contingent upon state appropriations to the NHIRC.  Should the funding to the NHIRC not be available, this RFP may be terminated.