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The NHIRC offices are on the campus of the University of New Hampshire.

For questions please contact:

NHIRC Mailing Address
New Hampshire Innovation Research Center
Madbury Commons

21 Madbury Rd, Suite 101
Durham, NH 03824

2014/2015 NHIRC Oversight Committee Members
Representing Committee Member (link to email)  
NH Senate Martha Fuller Clark
603 271-3077
NH House of Representatives Vacant  
NH Department of Economic Development Christopher Way
Deputy Director
Division of Economic Development
603 271-2591
NH School of Law, UNH Vacant 603 228-1541
Large Business Robert Gyurik
Pharmaceutical Consultant
603 778-6117
Large Business Vacant 603 885-4030
Medium Business Vacant
Small Business Terry Anderton
Small Business Jake Reder
Celdara Medical, LLC
Senior Vice Provost for Research, UNH Jan Nisbet
Senior Vice Provost for Research
603 862-0520
Technology Transfer, Dartmouth Jamie Coughlin
Director of Entrepreneurship
Dartmouth Director, DEN Innovation Center
603 646-8832
College of Engineering and Physical Science, UNH Glenn Shwaery
Associate Dean of Research
603 862-0520
New Hampshire Innovation Research Center Marc Sedam
Executive Director, NHIRC
603 862-4130
Cell: 919-923-5120