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The NHIRC offices are on the campus of the University of New Hampshire.

For questions please contact:

NHIRC Mailing Address
New Hampshire Innovation Research Center
Madbury Commons

21 Madbury Rd, Suite 101
Durham, NH 03824

NHIRC Oversight Committee Members
Representing Committee Member (link to email)  
NH Senate Martha Fuller Clark
603 271-3077
NH House of Representatives Vacant  
NH Department of Economic Development Dave Pease
PTAC Manger
NH Procurement Technical Assistance Center
NH School of Law, UNH Vacant 603 228-1541
Large Business Robert Gyurik
Pharmaceutical Consultant
603 778-6117
Large Business Vacant 603 885-4030
Medium Business Vacant
Small Business Terry Anderton
Small Business Jake Reder
Celdara Medical, LLC
Senior Vice Provost for Research, UNH Senior Vice Provost for Research  
Technology Transfer, Dartmouth Jamie Coughlin
Director of Entrepreneurship
Dartmouth Director, DEN Innovation Center
603 646-8832
College of Engineering and Physical Science, UNH Igor Tsukrov
Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science,
John Olson Advanced Manufacturing Center
New Hampshire Innovation Research Center Marc Sedam
Executive Director, NHIRC
603 862-4130
Cell: 919-923-5120