Q. Who writes the proposal?
A. This collaboration is between the company and a university researcher. The university faculty member is the principal investigator (PI) and the funds come to the university to pay for the research project there. The company is responsible for submitting the proposal.  The PI typically writes the research plan and assists with the budget sections of the proposal. The industry partner provides the information about the company, the problem to be solved and the business plan.

Q. I don’t know any university researchers. How do I find one?
A. The NHIRC will assist with “matchmaking.” The company must define the research problem that needs to be solved in this project. The NHIRC will try to find the right fit of expertise, facilities and equipment at a NH academic institution and will contact the faculty researcher to determine whether there is interest in collaboration. This must be done early in the RFP timeline to allow adequate time for discussions between potential PIs and the industry partner.

Q. Can I get some feedback on my proposal before the deadline?
A. Yes, the NHIRC director will review your proposal and offer advice if the proposal is received in advance of the deadline.